How To Boost SEO With Social Media Backlinks

Social Media Backlinks Method

Social Bookmarking communities and networks allow for people to create quality backlinks quickly and easily from authority websites that hold a high page rank (and massive traffic!)

Social Media Backlinks Bookmarking websites are basically sites that categorize and store bookmark (links which direct viewers to a specific website). These sites attract millions of visitors that are looking for information.

Here is a way you would generate Social Media backlinks.

social media backlinksWhat you want to do first is create an organized system to your social bookmarking campaigns. You do this by creating a “Bookmarks” folder within your Firefox toolbar.

Then, you will create a folder for every day of the week, so that you can easily submit your back-links to the top bookmarking websites regularly, without posting to the same site twice in any given day.

(This is VERY important! An organized system will allow you to get more done in less time while avoiding the risks of being flagged for posting multiple times).
So, your bookmark folders would be organized so that you have 5 individual folders (for Monday through Friday).

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You can create your bookmark folders from within your Firefox browser by clicking on “Bookmarks” and then selecting “Organize Bookmarks” >> “Create New Folder”.

To begin, you will add 5-10 social media backlinks bookmark sites into each of your bookmarks and then each day, load up these websites and submit your website as a new bookmark. You will have to create an account on each bookmarking community site first, which should include your full name, website URL and brief description of your site (using keywords!)

You will also want to make sure that you are signed into each account whenever you add a new bookmark (Firefox will give you the option to remember your login information so that it automatically signs you in)

Each day, when you are ready to submit your bookmarks, you simply click on the BOOKMARK folder in your Firefox browser and choose to “Open All Tabs”. This will automatically load up all of the daily bookmark sites in your browser windows, so you can quickly submit your site into each.

Once you have your bookmark folders created, you will begin to add in a series of bookmark sites and communities to each folder by clicking on “Add new Bookmark” from your Firefox Bookmark control panel:

Here are the top social media backlinks bookmarking websites and communities at the time of writing this article:

1 – (PR9)
2 – (PR8)
3 – (PR8)
4 – (PR7)
5 – (PR7)
6 – (PR7)
7 – (PR7)
8 – (PR7)
9 – (PR7)
10 – (PR7)
11 – (PR7)
12 – (PR7)
13 – (PR7)
14 – (PR7)
15 – (PR6)
16 – (PR6)
17 – (PR6)
18 – (PR6)
19 – (PR6)
20 – (PR6)