Simple Viral Ads Strategy

Create a Viral Ads Banner Machine for Hands-Free Traffic!

Here’s how you can combine four of the best Banner Exchange Sites with two of the most powerful Viral Ads Systems out there, to generate endless Traffic, Leads and Commissions… all on Full Auto!Share My Ads Viral Ads Banner Exchange

Forget anything you might have heard about Banner Blindness and banners being dead. If you use them correctly, your banners will generate some of the most engaged clicks you’re ever going to get.

People CHOOSE to click banners when their curiosity is aroused and they want to know more. They’re not just clicking to earn credits or get their own ad seen. They are interrupting themselves… literally stopping whatever it was that they were doing… to find out more about your offer.

I’d happily trade 100 traffic exchange or safelist clicks, for a single banner click, any day of the week!

If that’s sounding like a better plan, then lets get started. Just register an account on each of the following sites, confirm your email, then login and grab your referral links. Then follow our easy 10 minute set up outlined below.

#1. Buckets of Banners

The grand-daddy of banner exchanges shows your ads on 1000s of sites, plus you earn a percentage of your downlines’ impressions as well. If you do any traffic surfing, make sure you drop your BOB surf page in your rotation… nothing earns banner impressions faster.


#2. Traffic G

Did you know this massive traffic exchange also has one of the best banner exchanges there is? And just like the traffic side, the Traffic G banner exchange also rewards you with credits based on the activity of your downlines… down through five levels!

Traffic G

#3. Share My Ads

This is a new banner exchange that’s doing everything right: 1:1 exchange ratio, a generous welcome package and it lets you display four different banner sizes. Not seeing big impression numbers just yet, but get in ASAP because it won’t take long now that EzHitzs is promoting it!


#4. Turbinance

This is a viral banner exchange that rewards you via generous ad-share program over 10 levels. Once you get this one started… which this all-in-one system will do for you… it’s virtually impossible to stop. Check the compensation plan and consider purchasing a low-cost position once you’re up and running.


The All-Important Viral Ads Connection…

If you’re serious about creating serious long-term banner impressions automatically, you should connect these two ultra-viral ads sites into your banner marketing system.



Tron Banners

Step 1. Add banners for each of the 4 Banner Exchanges to a FREE Banner Rotator found at HitsConnect. Free members can add 10 banners to 1 banner rotator, Upgraded members get 10 rotators and 100 banners.

Step 2. Add the HitsConnect Campaign Banner codes to the 2 Viral Ads Sites above, then…

Step 3. Include banners for the Viral Ads Sites in your rotation on the 4 Banner Exchanges above…

The Viral Sites only allow you to add one banner at a time, so we use a Banner Campaign to show all 4 exchange banners in rotation.

That way your Banner Exchanges feed your Viral Ads Sites

The Viral Sites feed the Banner Exchanges

And your System promotes itself…

You will need to prime the system by adding the Banner Exchange Codes to a few of your website or blog pages.

I use the Banner Rotator to create a single image link I can add EVERYWHERE that offers free banners… that way I can manage it all from HitsConnect and I never need to go back to the individual traffic sites.

Once you start consistently feeding impressions into the system, this will start to grow itself. Before you know it, you’ll have a Viral Banner Machine showing your banners everywhere, generating new sign-ups and commissions, and driving fresh visitor traffic to your offers…

All totally hands-free!

Take 10 minutes and set this up now! It will deliver better quality traffic… and much more of it… than anything else you might have going on right now.

And it will keep on delivering traffic long after you’ve done the work

An Optional Quick-Start Strategy

If you have the funds available you can grab a pack of 1 million or even 2 million banner credits on Banner Wiz for a very good price.

You can then add one or more banners for all six of these banner programs… but we use a slight twist to ramp it up.

Point the Banners for the two viral sites to those sites. Any traffic will grow your downlines in those sites AND still get views of your banner exchange links.

When it comes to the banner exchanges themselves though, instead of linking directly to the respective websites, point your links to a copy of this page!

Make a copy of it, update all the banners and links to use your codes… and when you send traffic, instead of getting one sign up here and there, you’ll find you get many more multiple signups as people see the power of this approach for themselves.

You can even add your own Banner Exchange codes to this page, to earn some extra credits from every visitor. As long as you don’t get greedy and over-do it, this can feed additional hands-free traffic into your system as well.

Check Banner Wiz HERE


If you want to seriously turbo-charge this simple system though, keep reading!

This system is all about duplication and each sign-up you get in the individual programs will multiply your traffic. So the most effective thing you can do is create a copy of page… using all your own IDs… and send a bunch of traffic to get things rolling. There’s two easy options below if that sounds like a plan…

Results Follow Action!

This strategy works a treat when you do a little bit of one-time work to set it up.
It’s all about Duplication so it only works if you show your own people how to use it too. So I’m giving you two easy options for that…

Please Steal This Page!

Just copy-and-paste the entire page into a new page on your website or blog. Make sure you change the links to use your own referral IDs. Tweak the text if you want. Or use it word-for-word.

I’m fine either way as long as you get this done ASAP!

Just remember to tell your visitors that they can do the same!

That’s how you go from signing up a few affiliates here and there, to building a team and growing a powerful & profitable network.

That’s the difference between a couple of bucks a month in random commissions and a substantial ever-increasing hands-free income.

Or Do You Prefer DFY

If you prefer plug-and-play then it all gets even easier.

This is just one of the many Pro Marketing Pages that comes with the EzHitzs Perpetual Traffic Machine. Set them up once and watch EVERYTHING grow… your traffic, your referrals, your commissions…. without all the mindless traffic surfing, ad clicking or email reading.

I gave all that up when I joined EzHitzs and the fact you’re here reading this is proof that these Automated Traffic Systems work… without all that busy-work.

So if you’re sick of constantly chasing random one-time visitors, and if you’d rather be working on growing your business… and you’re not afraid of a little work… make sure you Check out EzHitzs:


EZHitz Perpetual Traffic Machine