May 27, 2024

How To Get Free Backlinks From Content Directories


Unlimited Free Backlinks From Content Directories

Article marketing is an exceptional technique at generating a flood of high quality free backlinks to your website quickly and easily.

All you really need to get started is create 10-15 articles that combine your keywords within the titles of each article as well as the actual content.

Each article should be about 300-400 words in length and whenever possible, try to focus on submitting original, high quality material, or at the very least, well written private label content (although not every article directory will allow private label content to be submitted).

You begin by submitting your articles into the major directories, beginning with and then a day later, submitting the same articles into a number of other directories.

Each article is “tagged” with your backlinks by creating an author’s resource box that is attached to your article submissions.

Author resource boxes are often the only place where backlinks are permitted, so you need to ensure that your actual article content is compelling and focused on retaining your readers attention long enough to direct them to your resource box featured at the end of the article.

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Free BacklinksWith article marketing, the greater the number of articles in circulation, the more exposure and free backlinks you will receive from both your article directory profile and author resource boxes.
The power of article marketing comes from the authority and weight that the major directories receive from the search engines.

Since many of the articles featured on sites like end up in the top search results within search engines like if you are able to create an article that incorporates your primary keywords, you will be able to effectively rank for some of the most competitive keywords and phrases in your market!

Furthermore, since article directories allow for other webmasters to reprint your articles (retaining your author’s resource box), you can easily generate additional traffic and free backlinks from every website that features your content.

It’s truly an amazing system for generating prime traffic while building an unlimited number of quality free backlinks from people who reprint and feature your article content.

Here are the top article directories that you should focus on submitting content to: