Viral Banner Advertising Strategy

Get Paid For Your Banner Advertising!

Don’t let the simplicity of this strategy fool you. We’re going to use a popular Banner Advertising Network… with a couple of our own tweaks… to seriously ramp up your exposure and earn you some major passive income!Banner Advertising on Share My Ads Banner Exchange

Banner advertising often gets a bad rap, but banner clicks are some of the most engaged visitors you’ll ever get. Forget what you’ve heard about Banner Blindness. People still click banners any time they see something that interests them…

Interested prospects taking action to find out more? Those are the visitors I want!

Most Banner Advertising Networks operate as Exchanges: you show the Banner Exchange banners on your website, to earn credits, to show your banners on other people’s websites.

It sounds good in theory, but even with the exchange code on every page, it’s unlikely that the average website will ever earn enough credits to generate enough banner impressions to drive a useful number of visitors.

Unless you force the system to work a bit harder for you!

That’s what this strategy is all about… we take multiple banner sites and connect them together in a way that leverages all your efforts and is guaranteed to produce more traffic and more commissions, all without any extra work.

All it takes is an hour of your time to set it up now!

Here’s Your First Twist…

Turbinance (TBN) is a Banner Advertising network with a 100% Commission Plan that makes it extremely lucrative, and an excellent Gold Membership Giveaway Program, that makes it super-easy to promote. And since you’ll earning ongoing commissions and banner credits with each new referral… all the way down through 10 levels you’ll definitely want to promote!

Commissions are paid on a Company Forced Matrix… just two places wide… which creates loads of forced spillover, meaning a few active members in your upline could help you fill your own downline. And a few more active members in your downline will push this thing really deep, really fast.

All of which puts more commissions into your pocket…

There’s a lot to this program, so you can read up on it on the website sometime, or not.

If you follow the steps laid out on this page, you’ll create a Turbinance account and build a serious downline that will generate ongoing commissions and banner credits…

Virtually on auto-pilot!

Without having to understand all the technical details.

The Second Turbinance Difference…

The other big difference is how they reward you for showing banners of the other Members. While most exchanges give you credits you can use to show your own banners… credits that never really add up to much… TBN gives you the option to get paid for every click!

When you only have to show a banner to earn a credit, most website owners will add multiple banner exchange codes way down the page where few visitors ever see them and even less people click on them. Which is part of the reason why banner-exchange click through rates can be pretty low.

But when people are showing the exchange codes to earn money, everything changes. They are going to place the ad codes in much more prominent positions, above the fold, on better quality pages. They have to if they want to make money.

So it’s no real surprise that TBN banner advertising campaigns have a significantly higher CTR than those on the more traditional exchange sites! But that’s just a little side-benefit for later…

So you have the option to use the credits for some really useful banner advertising, or take the payments instead.

We suggest a little of both…

You should definitely let some of your banner-click payments accumulate, and then reinvest those profits into additional banner advertising credit packages… and matrix positions… over and over until this develops into a lucrative stand-alone income stream.

This is a bit of a long-haul strategy but if you stick at it for a few months, keep promoting and keep rolling-over your commissions into new packages/positions, you’ll be amazed how quickly it does all add up.

The only real catch is, at some point, you will need to purchase a position.

If you’re actively promoting the program, you can earn your first position when you refer someone who upgrades.

That’s a good way to get started if you don’t have the funds to do it sooner, but you’ll want to move it along a bit faster, since you only earn commissions if you already have the position your referral is purchasing.

ie. if they get ‘ahead’ of you in the matrix, you miss out!

Again, that’s a good thing, since it puts the pressure on everyone to get active and stay engaged!

It’s literally only a couple of bucks so most people should just do it and be active from the start.

The Final Piece of Magic…

Our final tweak transforms this from a simple ad channel with small passive income option, into a serious marketing platform with a major-league compensation plan…

To be clear, I used TBN for quite a while as a standalone site. I was buying banner packages, showing their exchange code, and logging in every couple of months to rollover my earnings and set up some new banner campaigns.

That was good and well worth the time and money I put into it, BUT…

In hindsight I was was leaving a lot of money on the table!

These days I have my Turbinance account plugged into a simple traffic recycling system, so I get 12-15 times the impressions and clicks… and referrals.

It generates credits on multiple banner exchange programs and cross-promotes between TBN and those, regularly turning what would have been one-off signups into more credits, multiple referrals and ongoing commissions.

I do all this through the free EzHitzs platform, but you can put together a lite version on your own if you prefer.

Either way, you use your TBN credits to earn credits on the more traditional banner exchange sites, and then use those to promote TBN… with one final twist that we’ll cover shortly.

There’s a few of my favourite Banner Sites listed included below… you should set up each of those with a TBN banner…

Only DO NOT use your Turbinance referral link!

Instead, make a copy of this page and send them here first.

Instead of sending them straight to your TBN link where you might get one signup, you send them here and you have the chance that they’ll sign up for 6 different banner sites… More to come !

Earning you six times the credits and six times the commissions.

More importantly…

You’ll also be giving them the tools and information they need to set this up and make it work for themselves.

You see the challenge here isn’t to get sign-ups.

The challenge is getting your people to duplicate what you’ve done. Because it’s only when they duplicate your results that you can benefit from their success!

The Six-Step Long-Play

If you see the potential here, you should take a bit of time to implement this NOW. It’s mostly Set-and-Forget. Do the work now and let it run in the background while you get on with other things. By the time you get back to check up on it you’ll be amazed what it’s grown into!

1. Create a Turbinance account (2 mins). Confirm your email and login. If at all possible, I’d recommend you grab the first two positions straight away, (Shrimp 0.05 BNB, and CRAB 0.1 BNB) so you get paid for all your referrals from the get-go.

2. Steal This Page! (10 mins). Make a copy of this page with your own referral IDs for each of the programs. You can copy and paste the page into a new blog post, or view source to copy the HTML code for a standard web page.

You have my permission to do it yourself and to pass that permission on to your own referrals.

Publish the page now… so you can get the URL ready for the next step… but remember to go back and change out the User IDs for each of the banner programs once you have them all.

3. Create accounts on the 6 Banner sites below (5 mins). These are my current top-performers… start with those, add your TBN banner and a link to your copy of this page. Grab your referral link and a banner from each site for the next step.

4. Add Those Banners To TBN (3 mins). Assign your credits and turn on auto-assign where that’s an option. Make sure you also swap out the banner codes on this page for your own, or I’ll get your sign-ups!

5. Add The Exchange Codes EVERYWHERE (10 mins). Plan this one out and use global files so you can add the code once and it appears on every page of your websites or blogs. Think laterally too… forum footers, autoresponder emails, social media pages, other traffic sites where you can promote these banner codes?

6. Setup Your Promos For Turbinance (30 mins). Use banners, surf pages, blog posts, social media shares, add an email or two to your autoresponder series… but always send your visitors to your copy of this page.

Take your time and do this right… the goal is to set it up so you never need to go back!

If you’re organised and experienced, that’s just one hour to create this complete traffic system from scratch. But even if you take your time and spend a whole weekend on it, that’s really not a problem.

This is a set-and-forget strategy that will generate traffic and income for years… so take as long as you need to do it right!

Once you’re done, it will just take a bit of time to grow.

Each new signup will move things along a little faster, as will each new position. Each time you purchase you’ll get extra banner credits and larger commissions, so just keep reinvesting to keep it progressing. After the first few positions you can pretty much wait for your commissions to build up and just reinvest your earnings to keep it all going.

The main thing is to keep using the advertising and promoting this page until you get things moving on their own.

It will happen quite quickly if you stick at it.

Just remember to login each month to make sure your credits are getting assigned and to use your commissions to grab another credit pack + matrix position. It’s always tempting to cash out, especially as the amounts start to get bigger… but the longer you can delay gratification and keep rolling this over, the further you’ll go in the long run!


Banner Advertising Resources

Turbinance. Essential. Grab the Shrimp upgrade as a minimum!

Ez Banners. Simple but powerful, set-and-forget Viral Banner Advertising program.

Buckets of Banners. The original Banner Exchange with one of the biggest networks.

Traffic G. Not just a great traffic exchange… look for the Banner Exchange link in the left-hand menu!

Share My Ads. New banner advertising exchange with big potential. Great CTRs.

Tron Banners. Similar to EzBannerz with a nice crypto cashflow option!

An Optional Quick-Start Strategy

If you have the funds available you can grab a pack of 1 million or even 2 million banner credits on Banner Wiz for a very good price.

Check Banner Wiz HERE



Results Follow Action!

This strategy works a treat when you do a little bit of one-time work to set it up.
It’s all about Duplication so it only works if you show your own people how to use it too. So I’m giving you two easy options for that…

Please Steal This Page!

Just copy-and-paste the entire page into a new page on your website or blog. Make sure you change the links to use your own referral IDs. Tweak the text if you want. Or use it word-for-word.

I’m fine either way as long as you get this done ASAP!

Just remember to tell your visitors that they can do the same!

That’s how you go from signing up a few affiliates here and there, to building a team and growing a powerful & profitable network.

That’s the difference between a couple of bucks a month in random commissions and a substantial ever-increasing hands-free income.

Or Do You Prefer DFY

If you prefer plug-and-play then it all gets even easier.

This is just one of the many Pro Marketing Pages that comes with the EzHitzs Perpetual Traffic Machine. Set them up once and watch EVERYTHING grow… your traffic, your referrals, your commissions…. without all the mindless traffic surfing, ad clicking or email reading.

I gave all that up when I joined EzHitzs and the fact you’re here reading this is proof that these Automated Traffic Systems work… without all that busy-work.

So if you’re sick of constantly chasing random one-time visitors, and if you’d rather be working on growing your business… and you’re not afraid of a little work… make sure you Check out EzHitzs:


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