Creating Backlinks From Directories

Creating Backlinks Using Article Directories

Directory submissions are probably the most popular method of creating backlinks in a short amount of time, however there is one thing to keep in mind when using directories to create your backlinks campaign.


You want the search engines to see a natural pattern of increased backlinks to your website rather than an instant flood of irrelevant backlinks pointing to your website.

This is really important if you want to avoid being penalized by search engines like and risk losing your current position in the search results.

The best approach to take when creating backlinks with directory submissions is to gradually increase the number of backlinks that are featured within each directly.

Creating BacklinksIn addition, you also want to choose relevant categories to place your website listing in, using targeted keywords in both your listing title and description.

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Posting your website to directories can be a time consuming, tedious process, so to save time you could consider using a software program that will submit your website into the major directories thus creating backlinks while also allowing you to customize the description, titles, keywords and anchor text used within your listings.

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This is important because with automated software programs that will mass-submit your website into hundreds, if not thousands of directories, you risk having your website flagged for review by the search engines who see an influx of links pointing to your website in a short amount of time.

With Magic Submitter, you can choose the number of directories that your website will be submitted to as well as customize additional information regarding your website, giving you full control over the way your site is distributed and submitted.

Magic Submitter also provides you with a detailed listing of directories that you can choose to submit to, and will also help you obtain one-way links by filtering through directories that offer a “no linkback” system.

Tips For Directory Submissions

1) Focus on one-way backlinks when submitting to directories.

It’s important to have more links coming into your site than going out from your site (internal links should ALWAYS be greater than external links)

2) Make sure that your post is related to the thread you are responding to and that the blog owner will not remove your post, believing it’s spam.

3) When submitting your website into online directories ALWAYS choose the category or sub category that is closest to the main directory.

For example, if given the choice of submitting my website that focused on “resumes” into the following directories, here is how I would choose the best category for my website:

Employment >> Jobs >> Resumes >> Interviews >>

I would choose either “Jobs” or “Resumes” so that it receives a higher positioned link within the directory. The closer the category is to the main (top level) directory, the more exposure you will receive.

4) When submitting your website into online directories, I recommend focusing only on 75-100 directories, rather than mass-submitting your website into hundreds of directories for crreating backlinks.

You want to build a large number of quality backlinks however you don’t want to end up setting off any red flags from the major search engines who discover that your brand new website is suddenly receiving thousands of generic back links.

5) If you choose to manually submit your websites into online directories, consider purchasing a copy of to speed up the process. (There is a free version that will work on a trial basis).

6) Make sure that you include a relevant description with each submission, including your primary keywords that are focused on your target market.

7) Avoid keyword stuffing when creating your website’s description when creating backlinks.

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