Article Writing Intro To A New Career

Article Writing Introduction

Article writing is a potentially lucrative method for making money online.

There are many different manifestations of online article writing, including freelance writing, writing paid reviews, and article marketing.

In other cases, people are employed by online databases or company and write full-time as an online columnist, and in some instances, people engage in multiple forms of online article writing (doing freelance writing and serving as an online columnist, for example.)

Freelance writing is one of the most popular forms of article writing on the internet, and it does not just involve article writing but can also refer to writing books or other manuscripts. Basically, the individual operates as an independent contractor, rendering their services to companies at a predetermined pay rate. A number of online freelance writing organizations exist, and becoming a member is typically a simple and efficient process.

Article WritingGenerally, freelance writing entails a balance between actual content writing and submitting proposals for articles. In many cases, submitting proposals involves just as much time and energy as actual article writing, although this varies greatly from one individual to the next. Writing freelance articles can be either a temporary process involving just one or two articles, or a full-time operation.

Typically, a person will have an area of concentration and write articles that focus on their particular area of expertise.

For example, if someone were skilled with search engine optimization, they would write articles for companies, making sure to incorporate SEO content.

Writing paid reviews is another method for article writing on the internet.

This  involves writing product reviews for companies. In certain cases, the individual has not actually used the product, but companies require positive press in order to remain profitable and so they pay for positive reviews. It should be noted that the writer’s familiarity with the product is not as important as their ability to write a flattering (often fabricated) review that paints the company or the product in a positive light.

Many companies that would otherwise receive poor reviews pay article writers to write positive reviews, typically through public sites such as
However, one must exercise caution when considering whether or not to pursue paid article writing because in some (rarified) cases, there are potential legal consequences associated with fabricated paid reviews.

Article marketing is somewhat similar to writing paid reviews, except that the individual markets an article instead of a product. This means that the scope is generally far greater than that of a review; there is typically a significant theme or idea that is communicated through article marketing, one that is intended to sway the public in a direction that will benefit the company and induce increased popularity.

Unlike paid reviews, article marketing generally does not assume the guise of mere promotion. In many cases, the article promotes their own business or product in article form. While these can be fabricated (similar to paid reviews) they assume the form of an article and are not typically written from the vantage point of a consumer.

Article marketing typically utilizes online article directories, in which article directories that are especially popular receive high page ranks and generate vast numbers of customers. It is a particularly useful method for advertising for many companies as it does not require search engine optimization familiarity, nor does it necessitate a domain name.

There are a number of methods for article writing on the internet, and writers of varying specializations can find outlets that allow them to ply their trade. The internet is a vast enough landscape that there are plenty of article writing opportunities, ranging from outright promotion (paid reviews) to writing that pertains to a more specific discipline, such as that characterized by freelance writing or article writing.