Using Reddit In Your Social Marketing Strategy

Reddit Social Strategy

Reddit is a social news networking site where its users submit content through links or posts.

Reddit SocialOther users then vote on the submission, and the submission’s ranking, or presence, is gauged by the number of ‘up’ and ‘down’ votes it receives.
Content is categorized by ‘subreddits’, which are basically a way to organize the submissions into groups based on subject.

Here’s a quick look at the statistics. It will help you understand why this is a top social media site:

1. Reddit has 69.9 million registered accounts.
2. Reddit has 16 million estimated unique monthly visitors.
3. Reddit has 4.9 billion page views each month.

Setting up a Reddit account literally takes seconds and has a simplified presentation. It looks like a basic news and information stream, and the way it works is just as simple.

On your account page,simply click ‘Submit a new link’ or ‘Submit a new post’, and follow the prompts.

The trick with your marketing strategy on Reddit is how to get more social views on the links and information you post.

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Reddit SocialHere are some strategy tips:

Immediately after setting up your account, click on the ‘Edit’ button on the top right of your account page. This will take you to the location where you can clear out your subreddits. It doesn’t make sense to have your account cluttered with non-industry related posts.

Search for industry-related subreddits and subscribe to them. Use this time to find out how many users subscribe to the particular subreddit by reading the figure next to the‘subscribe’ button. Subscribe to those with the most readers for maximum exposure.

Each subreddit you subscribe to will show a list of suggested/similar subreddits on the right side of their page. Use this information to expand your subscriptions in the right direction.

Before posting anything, identify what it is you want your audience to get from you.

This sounds obvious, but it’s critical to building your authority and online presence.

For example, if you are in the auto repair industry, make sure that you post links to articles from key industry players, like Ford, Edmunds and Honda. Also consider expanding it a bit to include industry-related articles from non-industry sites, such as Forbes.

The key to Reddit is in getting your submissions viewed and voted on, so make sure that your post title and included information are enticing and click worthy.

When you find noteworthy industry-related articles that are posted on Reddit, link those articles to your other social media accounts.

Reddit is a great way to find pre-filtered articles that will boost your authority on your other social site accounts. Tweet the articles, blog about them, or simply show the link on your Facebook page.

Look into the benefits of a Reddit gold membership. For a few dollars a month you get additional perks such as notification when you are mentioned in comments, increased threshold in subreddit subscriptions and comment thread listings, and the ability to save the best comments so you can return to them later.

You can also turn off ads and add notes, among other things.

Reddit is a free, incredibly simple way to increase your online presence.

By simply posting links with catchy titles, you can build your reputation and use it to beef up your other social media accounts. This site does not require a lot of work to engage in, but the payoff can be substantial.