Using Google Plus For Social Media Marketing

Using Google Plus In Your Marketing

Google plusGoogle Plus is a social networking site that includes a number of features which could be utilized for social media marketing purposes.

One of the best features for the user is the ability to click on the ‘+ Share’ button on the top right of their Google email page. This allows you to share photos, links, videos, and events with those in your Google Plus Circle.

You can also filter who receives the information by selecting specific groups, such as family, friends, acquaintances, and those who you are following. Google+ was only launched in June, 2011, but has risen to near the top of the social media networking websites.

Here is a quick look at the stats:

1. Google+ has over 343 million registered users.
2. Google+ sees over 65 million site visits per month.
3. Google+ user base has grew over 30 percent between June 2012 and March 2013.

If your business already has a Google email address, it may already have a Google Plus account as well. In order to find out, simply log into your Google email account and then visit Google+. If you do not have a Google+ account, you should see a call to action type screen that prompts you to join Google Plus.

Whether you have a Google Plus account or not, here are a few tips to make it the best possible:

Google Plus Community

Select an amazing cover photo. A key characteristic of Google Plus cover photos is that they are big, so make sure the photo you choose is of the highest resolution and quality possible.
You will find a ‘Story’ section under the ‘About’ tab. This is where you enter detailed information about your business.

Brag a little, but don’t exaggerate. Use keywords strategically because up to 77 characters of your description are going to show on the Google+ search results of those who are searching for specific products or businesses. It won’t necessarily be the first 77 characters either. Google+ will pick up the section of your description that most closely matches the searched keywords.Use this section to provide links to your business and blog pages.

Invite your contacts. While Google Plus has an impressive number of registered and active users, it hasn’t taken off with social media marketers as quickly as other social media sites. However, there are still some key strategies you can employ to boost your online presence and gain new customers.

Here are a few…

Events: The ‘Events’ option is one of the best features of Google Plus. Using this feature, you can set up calendar reminders for your followers as well as advertise upcoming events for your business. Are you planning a huge end of season sale? Create a splashy event for it. It gives you everything you need, including selecting a photo (upload your own or choose from their themed pictures), time, date and place, and a section to enter all of the specific details.

You can even choose which circles of followers to invite and whether or not they can share the event with their followers. When you maintain an active Google+ presence you will likely see a higher placement in the Google search results. This can be invaluable for exposure.

The ‘Hangout’ feature of Google+ allows you to connect one-on-one with people or broadcast a lecture, such as with a how-to session. You can also use this feature as a mode of customer service by addressing their questions. If the question has a possible ‘action’ response, consider showing them how to do it instead of explaining it to them in writing.

The Google+ Community feature is another great way to build your online presence. Google Plus communities are topical groups that members join to discuss similar interests. There are groups for car enthusiasts, movies, fitness, and even nail polish. By creating a community page, you can help strengthen your online presence as well as establish yourself as an authority in your industry.

Your community can be as general or specific as you would like, and you determine what type of community you start…

Public: Anyone can join.
Public: Moderator approval needed to join.
Private: People find you through a search and request to join.
Private: Your community is hidden from searches.

Finally, as with any social media platform, your best chance at success on Google Plus is to engage with people. Join communities and post comments. This lets other members know that your business exists, and it builds your Google Plus credibility.