Design Process

Web Design Process Flow


Design FlowchartStep 1Discovery

We find out as much as we can about your business or club, your ideas and look at some other websites that you would like your site to look like. We also cover other things such as colors, fonts, pictures, and who your target audience is and what you would like the site to accomplish.

We work together to find the right match and tweak it till it’s right.

Step 2Design

This is where we design the overall look and feel of the website. Based on Step 1 questions, we find the first theme or template. If you find a theme yourself we can upload that for you.

We then show that to you on a private proofing page, uploaded and working but without any of your content added. Based on the feedback from this template we can upload a second template and get your feedback. Then we upload the third template based on this feedback.

We typically have the design templates done by the second or third one, but will continue until we get the design exactly the way you would like it.

Step 3Development

Here we will take images and create the surrounding HTML that creates the basic framework of the website. We will iron out any bugs at this point and create a master Template for the entire site to use. If there are separate looks for certain sections, we will create those pages as well.

Step 4Add Content

This is where we take your content and add the sections and pages to the website and really build it up. This stage usually takes the longest depending on how much information you would like to present to your audience. You provide the content and we add it to the site.

Step 5Quality Control

This is where we will really try to break the website. Of course we hope that it won’t but we look at certain things such as user-interface, spelling, and functionality to make sure everything works on your site. We then fix anything that need to be fixed.

Step 6Launch

Here, we will set up hosting on a free webhost we highly recommend or a paid web hosting, set up any email accounts and then unlock the site to be viewed by the general public. As an added service we may do such things such as submitting your site to the search engines so that it may be found by search engines such as Yahoo, Google, and MSN. We also submit your site to 70+ directory sites for added visibility.

Step 7Training

We will supply you with various WordPress video’s and tutorials so that you can take over complete control of all aspects of your site i.e adding graphics, articles, banners, pages, plugins etc.

If at this stage you get into any difficulties then send us an email and we will get you fixed.

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