May 27, 2024

An Introduction To Social Media Networking

Social Media

Social Media Comment

Are your search and social efforts aligned?  If not, you  are missing out on traffic, leads and sales.

It’s not enough to have a popular website with good content anymore.

Social Media SEO is where it’s at.

Link building was always about “social proof” –  Links were like “votes” of popularity for your website.

Links were too easily to manipulate and Google finally realized that link building would never work long-term for ranking websites. They changed their guidelines to tell sites to get social instead of focusing on building links.

Social media allows you to “crowd source”

When you have a following on Twitter/Facebook/ Pinterest etc, you create a group of fans who can share your content. This makes your job easier, your followers are working for you!

Being social is the fastest way to multiply your presence online – The problem with old school SEO link building is your always building “signs” to your website in places where nobody is looking.

Tip :  Here’s How To Profit From Your Social Media Networking

Social MediaNot so with Social Media!

Social media networking is a dynamic world of interaction where things happen in real time. This is the fastest way to grow your online presence simply because it’s where everyone is.

Social signals is a real thing – Google is actively measuring your website’s “pulse” on social media channels. How often do you share content? How many fans/followers do you have? Does your website have social sharing elements available for visitors? Social signals really is the new “link building” metric.

Social links bring real traffic to your website – 95% of links from SEO link building never bring a single new visitor to your website. Social links have the real potential to bring people to your site.

The question is not do you like social media, the question is do you want your voice heard and shared by people actively looking for exactly what you have to offer.  Your competitors are embracing Social SEO.  Don’t be left behind.  It’s not too late to get in the game and build your social presence.  At some point
it may be.

Early adopters are definitely going to win this social media game.