February 26, 2024

WordPress Websites and Your Presence On The Internet

Here are some important reasons why you should go for WordPress websites when designing your site or blog.

The Internet holds over 1.8 billion websites as of today.  Out of this big mix, the number of active websites is no less than 644 million.

What is equally startling is that more than one-quarter of them are powered by WordPress.

wordpress websitesStarting off in 2003, WordPress has evolved down the line from a blogging platform to the world’s most popular open-source content management system.

It is easy to use and economical, which is why most businesses prefer WordPress websites over other CMS platforms. WordPress websites are 100% customizable allowing businesses to optimize their website or blog for easy discovery and indexing by search engines.

Moreover, WordPress websites are perfectly scalable and feature extended functionality with the addition of plugins.

Here are some interesting facts about WordPress…

WordPress is Older Than Twitter and Facebook. …
WordPress Powers Nearly 27% of All Websites. …
WordPress Dominates 76.4% of CMS Market Share. …
WordPress is Open Source and Free. …
WordPress is Not Owned by Any Company. …
WordPress Doesn’t Have a CEO. …
WordPress powers a Multi-Billion Dollar Economy. PLUS…

** Very Easy to Use …………. once you dive in
** Easy to Add Functionalities ……….. a plugin for everything
** WordPress Makes SEO Easy …………. again, plugins to help
** Make Your Website Stylish With WordPress Themes Hundreds For Free !
** WordPress offers a Built-in feature of adding a Blog and is Very Flexible !

Enjoy Your WordPress Journey With Our Tutorials


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Choosing A Domain Name


Once you start using WordPress, you become an integral part of an awesome community! You’re allowed to download free of cost themes and plug-ins. Furthermore, you get free of cost support from the other WordPress community members if you wish.

As you become familiar with the WordPress and get experienced in its usage, even you can contribute to the community in your own unique way. WordPress can be used and learnt easily

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